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Today’s Technology is bringing high quality electronic entertainment to the home through an ever-widening variety of mediums. MDI Audio will help you to decide the best home audio system to maximize entertainment enjoyment. We provide you with solution that will suit your budget.

Since 2002, MDI Audio has always has a reputation for high-quality, excellent design, work quality and reliability in audio visual industry which includes Home Theatre System, Ambience Music, High End Music and Acoustic Room Design. MDI Audio offers the complete solution for your Home Audio needs; High End Audio System, wireless speaker, in-ceiling speaker, outdoor speaker, audio video cables, projector, subwoofers and many more. MDI Audio has a special division for constructing sound proof room, acoustic design, dedicated home theatre room and also karaoke room.

Pictures and sound reproduction are equally important in bringing you the emotional impact and spectacular audio visual effects of movie soundtrack or other multi-media sources. Our experience in installing “ Best home audio & home theater”, making it possible to create the realism of an original pictures and musical performance and allows them to immerse you in the thrill of action movie, or in a relaxing mood of romantic comedy movie and so on.

MDI Audio with acoustic room design

**where beauty of design meets purity of sound**

Using latest technology of Acoustic Treatment software (RPG Inc.), MDI Audio will combine the beauty of your room design with the purity of the sound. RPG software will predict a sound wave spectrum, also known as frequency response curve of your room. Our acoustic engineer will find the best acoustic treatment for your room to create the smooth and even curve. In other words, the transition from low tone to high tone is smooth and integral.

MDI Audio will work with the appointed interior design to create the comfortable atmosphere in your dedicated media room/home theatre. We will provide you with variety of acoustic transparent fabrics, wood finishes and many acoustic materials for you to choose from.